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Who We Are

Forty years ago the Lions Club established an eye clinic at the Sacred Heart Hospital in Allentown, PA which helped served thousands of patients, the majority of them poor and most of them without medical insurance, unfortunately the eye clinic closed in 2016, now these patients don’t have a place to go to for eye care. Dr Julio Rojas who is a board certified ophthalmologist has decided to start a campaign to open this most needed eye clinic, we need to update the equipment as well hire two more ophthalmologist to help serve these patients, please help Dr. Rojas achieve this goal!

About Dr.Rojas

Dr. Julio Rojas is a board certified ophthalmologist by the American Board of ophthalmology, has been practicing in the northeastern Pennsylvania region since 1979. Dr.Rojas has been recognized & awarded in many different ways such as by being the “Comendador” which is the highest civil award given by the president of Peru for his contributions in giving free eye care in Lima, Peru, also he was awarded the “Melvin Jones Fellow” which is the highest award given by The Lions Club.

Why choose Pennsylvania Eye Institute?

Our vision

We are dedicated for the restoration of vision at every stage of care:

1.Excellent patient care to all of those in need

2. Support of its medical staff

3. Education of healthcare professionals and the community

Our mission

To improve the overall health of local residents and guests of the area by providing free preventative eyes care.

Our approach

The approach of Pennsylvania Eye Institute is based on a reasonable treatment plan created together by the Ophthalmologist and the patient.

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